Time to bring back the glitter in the player! 70s Glam rock full of hooks, danceable grooves, melancholic melodies with a modern twist. A bittersweet treat for everyone. Full-blown glitter-esque, Rodney's English Disco wet dream which was all co-written with Gil's producer/engineer song-writing partner, Allen Davis.


Format available: CD Digifile / Hand-numbered Clear vinyl edition. (one by one on command) / Digital
To celebrate the memory and legacy of one of the most iconic Finnish rock singer (Smack, The Fishfaces), AaK is bringing you 3 records:


- Smacked! : a compilation featuring Mink Daggers, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Plastic Tears, Leftovers, Dead Furies, Hired Guns with Cheri Martin, Chris, Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds, The Frank and Dino Show, Anita Chellamah and Timo Kaltio, Trench Dogs, Corazones Muertos, Eduardo Martinez Gang, Guttercats, The Flaming Sideburns. The CD is including a bonus track by The Frank and Dino Show.

-Eduardo Martinez and The Thunderclouds "Hyena Planet Bits On You": Reissue of the album recorded by The Flaming Sideburns singer and Corazones Muertos leader. New artwork, new tracklisting, new liner-notes.


Format available: CD Digifile / Digital



- Hired Guns "Smacked! session": This EP is including the whole recordings session of the Paris based French combo as originally taped by the band. 2 of the songs ended up on the Smacked! with the addition of guest.


Format available: CD cardboard/ Hand-numbered Clear vinyl edition. (one by one on command) / Digital
To celebrate the memory and legacy of one of the most iconic Finnish rock singer (Smack, The Fishfaces), AaK is bringing you 3 records:


- "Crossing The Seas ...Spreading The Sins": First album of the French Hard Rock n Rollers Medicine Ball Caravan including their cover of Circus of Power classic's Call of the Wild. CD jewel case (original Longfellow Deeds pressing) and Digital

-"Keep Goin' 'Til The Next Stop": 6 years after Medicine Ball Caravan’s split their unreleased 2nd album ‘Keep Goin’ Til the Next Stop’ is finally available. Digital only



- "Psychic Travel": Alive and Kickin' is finally releasing the acclaimed EP by the french psychedelic groove rockers Low Vibes in digital format almost two decades after the making of this piece of Stoner rock history. Originally released through Water Dragons records (the first French label dedicated to the Stoner Doom scene), Low Vibes was the second band of the genre in the country (the legendary band Carn was the first). But at the time the press didn't want to take the whole scene seriously ("just pot head stuff, you know") it was a decade before its became a trend. A typically "bad timing" case. Unreleased material will be released in 2017 on Alive and Kickin'. Water Dragons records original CD pressing and Digital


-"Time Capsule": Alive and Kickin' is releasing 2 tracks recorded in January 2001 by the Heavy Psychedelic Groove rockers Low Vibes. Both songs were already known by LV followers since "Orange Blackbox" original version appeared on the EP In the midst of a drama (Water Dragons records) and "Anyway" original version on Coming Down to the Velvet Lodge (Water Dragons records, split CD with Space Patrol).. Digital only

Various Artists
10 bands ready to prove Rock is Alive and Well!
-"Rock Is Alive And Well vol.1": Featuring The Sweet Thing, The Tip, The Cry, Medicine Bal Caravan and Smash Fashion. Available in digital only.
-"Rock Is Alive And Well vol.2": Featuring Creem Circus, Tango Pirates, Nasty Things, Tattooed Millionaires, Mink Daggers. Available in digital only.